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The surroundings of Veszprem and the sights of the shores of Lake Balaton

Roman Villa – Balácapuszta

Villa Romana is an archeological exhibition close to Nemesvámos, in Balácapuszta made up of the ruins of the Roman villa and the farm built around it. The semi-reconstructed farmland today runs as an exhibition center of the Museum Directorate of Veszprém County. In 2012 an all-in project made it possible to turn this area into a museum and an advanture park. In the middle of the land stood thetenant’s villa with the garden are surrounded by walls. Inside of these walls there were placed many buildings with different functions. To help the visitors orientate in the building, there is a big mock-up made of clay.

Address: Nemesvámos – Baláca, phone number: +36 88 265 050 or +36 88 788 191

8 km far from Hotel Historia.

Bánd-Esseg Castle and lookout point

On the outskirts of the village, at the western end of the limestone cliff rising next to the Séd stream, we find the ruins of the castle. The irregular planned first circular walls of the castle with an inner tower, is about 60×70 m in size, the wooden residential and other buildings surrounding the castle courtyard, leaning against the defensive wall, may have been built in the XIII century which were presumably rebuilt in the XIV century into stone buildings. First of all the chapel was rebuilt on the north side. In the XV century the outer towers jumping in front of the wall, a larger building, residential buildings and other rooms at the east and west walls were completed. It is possible that the knight’s hall was also built at this time. In the northern part of the courtyard of the castle stood the now barely recognizable well or cistern. From the constantly decaying castle, only a rectangular tower can be seen on the east side with few remnants of walls adjoining it from the south and east, while the remaining foundation walls of the former buildings are underground. The village is named after it’s XII century owner Bánd of the Atyusz clan. The castle area and other estates belonging to it, as they were relegated to them, were sold by their owners before 1233 (terre Seg sive Band). These were bought by Andrew of the genus Igmánd (Andreas de Wigman) for 540 marks of silver whose ancestors were probably heavy-armed German ‘knights’ who came with Gizella. They were responsible for the construction of the castle.
The Esseg magic playground at the base of the castle promises exciting relaxation for young and old.
Starting from the castle, it is also worth to hiking to the Mayer lookout point from where you can enjoy an unparalleled view of Bakony.
Recommended parking places are found in the designated parking lot next to the cemetery.

12 km far from Hotel Historia.

Porcelanium visitor center, Herend

Herend is 10 minutes far from Veszprém by car. This is the home of the world-wide famous porcelain manufacture. In the Porcelain Visit Center you can get deep knowledge about the
background of the luxury porcelain-preparation. Museum, restaurant, café and brand shop are
waiting for the guests in favour of this well-known Hungaricum.

Address: Herend, Kossuth Street 140, phone number: +36 88 523 190

13,5 km far from Hotel Historia.


Zirc, the capital of High-Bakony is easily reachable in 15 minutes, and there are often buses leaving from the bus station that is only a few minutes away from the Hotel.

Cistercian Abbey of Zirc and Visitor centre

The Catholic Church, built in baroque style, is still used by monks today. The aim of the newly opened visitor centre is to introduce the past 800 years history of the abbey by interactive tools. It is worth taking a look at the basilican minor, the nation-wide famous monument library and the natural history museum.

Address: Zirc, 1 Rákóczi Square, phone number: +36 88 593 675

Nature park – Zirc

In the capital of High-Bakony we can get to know the charachteristic flora of this area. Typical scenery gardens, tree- and plant types are there to be seen. Playground and a path are waiting for the visitors

Address: Zirc, Damjanich Street 19., phone number: +36 88 414 569

23,5 km far from Hotel Historia.

Sobri Jóska Adventure Park – Kislőd

Adrenaline, momentum, boooming, dynamism, laughter, fun, clarity, fresh air, new energy – these are what the adventure park in Kislőd offers. A taste of their games: zipline, water sphere, laser fight, light rail, climbing wall all in one place, in the Sobri Jóska Adventure Park.
Address: Kislőd, Vashámor, phone number: +36 30 946 28 72

27 km far from Hotel Historia.

Roman Baths, Bakonynána

One of the most spectacular hiking spots in the mountain range is the gorge valley on the section of the Gaja stream between Bakonynána and Jasd, known as the Roman Baths. At the narrowest point of the breakthrough, cut deep into the limestone surface, a series of rapids and smaller waterfalls was formed, creating one of the wildest landscape of our country.

31 km from Hotel Historia.

Pannon Csillagda – Bakonybél

In Bakonybél you can experience the view of the wonderful starry sky: the visitor center awaits visitors with an exhibition of the history of astronomy, 3D planetarium performances and a special park of telescopes.

Address: Bakonybél, Szent Gellért tér 9., phone number: +36 88 461 245

The visitor centre is 34 km from Hotel Historia.

Kinizsi Castle – Nagyvázsony

Hidden among the slopes of the Balaton Highlands is the Kinizsi Castle, built in the Middle Ages. Matthias Hunyadi donated the stronghold to Pál Kinizsi in 1472 for his valor in his campaigns. The characteristic square castle with a residential tower was built on an area that seems rather strange to today’s eyes, in the lowest part of Nagyvázsony. A place of location was due to the fact that an important trade route branched out here. However, the main advantage of the area was the abundant spring that fed the ditch and provided water for the defenders of the castle even during the siege. Parts of the Kinizsi Castle and the ruins of the nearby Monastery of St. Michael can be found to this day. In the castle you can visit the prison, the guard room, the knight’s hall and the room of the former mistress of the castle. In addition, mock-ups of the Pauline monastery and the Battle of Breadfield make the building and its history known.
Address: Nagyvázsony, Vár u. 9, tel.: +36 (70) 951 7176

Eplény- Ski Arena

The Ski Arena Vibe Park in Eplény is equipped with outstanding facilities in Hungary thanks to continuous developments. Thanks to the modern and efficient snow production capacity, ski seasons in Eplény are long even in the snow-poor years. The track system offers opportunities from completely beginner pistes, through areas for advanced users, to particularly steep slopes. For beginners, the extended A7 track is ideal, which is completely beginner-friendly, a blue-marked 1000-meter-long course, but experienced skiers will also find something to their liking among the red and black marked tracks. It is also possible to ski in Eplény after dark, as there are more than 4 kilometers of floodlit ski slopes in the Ski Arena. Among the eight ski lifts operating in Eplény, we find Hungary’s first four-seater ski lift, and a second two-seater lift was completed for the 2017/18 season. In addition, a ski and snowboard school awaits those who want to learn to ski or snowboard. On the learning tracks of varying degrees of difficulty, equipped with learning elevators, it is easy to learn the basics of winter sports under the hands of qualified instructors. Those who do not have their own equipment can rent at the rental shop, where ski and snowboard equipment is available in a wide range of sizes and types.

Address: Eplény, Malomvölgyi u. 1

14 km from Hotel Historia

Balatoni Bob Leisure Park – Balatonfűzfő

Built around two super (1.5 kilometres in total!) bobsleigh runs, the leisure and excursion venues are open all year round, which offers many other – partly free – entertainment options besides bobsledding. Guests can enjoy a free lookout tower with a panoramic view of Lake Balaton, a free playground and fitness park, as well as the adventure park, carriage, climbing tower and paint ball court.

Address: Balatonfűzfő, Uszoda u. 2, opening hours: every day 9:00 – 20:00, phone number: +36 88 586 170

Balatonfűzfő is 14.5 km from Hotel Historia.


The city that lays by the shore of Balaton is 20 km from our hotel and from the bus station, which is a 3-minute walk away, there are frequent flights to Balatonfüred.

Sights in Balatonfüred:

Kossuth Spring

It stands on The Gyógy Square, above it was supported by 12 columns of well house. A neoclassical drinking hall was built in 1800. During Franz Joseph I’s visit to Füred in 1852, the abbey of Tihany named the well after him “as a manifestation of worshipful reverence”. Since 1952, Kossuth- source.

Lujza Blaha villa

In 1893, Lujza Blaha took possession of a beautiful house built in neoclassical taste.
Address: Balatonfüred, Blaha u. 4.

Jókai Mór Memorial House

Mór Jókai visited Balatonfüred for the first time in 1857, at the age of 32. Mrs. Jókai’s daughter, Little Róza persuade him to do the trip. The family soon became a popular and permanent guest of the bathing area. The artist Róza Laborfalvi always spent her “summer holidays” in her favourite place, Füred.
In 1870, the Jókai house was built, which was owned by Jókai for for 20 summers. The building houses the original relics of the artist couple, which also witnessed the completion of The Golden Man.

Address: Balatonfüred, Honvéd u. 1., phone number:
+36 87 950 876

Eszterházy Beach

One of the most beautiful elements of Balatonfüred’s bathing colony, renewed in the reform-era atmosphere, is the Eszterházy Beach, which awaits those who want to take a peaceful bath from an excellently landscaped plaza with a beautiful panorama of Tihany, an adventure bath, children’s animation programs and a favorable riverbed design.

Address: Balatonfüred, Aranyhíd sétány, phone number: +36 87 342 916

Tagore Promenade

The one-kilometer-long promenade and the associated park have an idyllic atmosphere and a panoramic view of Lake Balaton. Along the promenade, you can also admire the trees and statues of the eponymous Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore and many other famous people.

Tihany Abbey

The founding charter of the monastery of Tihany is the oldest surviving written memory in Hungarian of Hungary. The traces of the medieval building have been almost completely destroyed by now, only the sub-church and some stone carvings preserve the memory of the past. The tomb of King Andrew I can still be found today in its original place in the sub-church.
Address: Tihany, I.András tér 1., phone number: +36 87 538 200

27 km from Hotel Historia.

Balatonalmádi – Wesselényi beach

The largest beach in Balatonalmádi with many catering facilities, recreation, sports facilities (e.g. beach volleyball court), EU-compliant playground, free animation and beach library. Those with the Balaton Card can have a discount on the price of entrance tickets and season tickets. Guests with the Balaton Best Card will receive a 40% discount on the ticket price up to 4 nights spent in the city, and 100% discount on the ticket price after the 4th night. At the ticket offices you can pay with Széchenyi Recreation Card (SZÉP card) and by credit card. Parking is free.

Address:8220 Balatonalmádi, Szent István sétány 6. GPS coordinates: 47.025853, 18.012220
Phone: +36 88 432 065 Fax: +36 88 431 697

14 km from Hotel Historia.


Englishwomen’s cottage

It was the holiday home of the Order of Nuns of The EnglishWomen. Bishop János maintained a school in Veszprém, and built a convent, school and boarding school (dormitory) for them. It was an elementary folk school, civic, teacher training and upper commercial education. The teachers had a holiday home in Csopak, which was built in the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Csákányhegyi view point

The Csákány Hill, which borders the settlement of Csopak from the north, and the park forest have always been a popular place for excursions among residents and holiday guests, and in the case of increased tourist traffic due to its close location to the shores of Lake Balaton, it has become even more so in the recent period. On the hilltop there is the wooden lookout tower which was built in 1972. It has a unique panorama to Lake Balaton.


The church, built in honor of the medieval King St. Stephen, was demolished in the 1880s, leaving only its tower. Which, after the demolition of the church, was equipped with a new roof. Gyula Petzek made a drawing of the church, which still existed in 1861, on October 29, it can be found in the book Csopak’s History. Also in 1861, Romel Flóris OSB. An archaeologist recorded a technical description of the temple.

Csopak Beach

Family-friendly and Smart beach! One of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Lake Balaton, the Csopak beach, which is expanding with new developments, meets both ratings. On the Csopak beach, a sandy, safe, bathing water surface with a length of 530 m welcomes those who want to go to the beach. On the shore there is 15,000 m2 of green space, well-equipped playgrounds for children, cabins, hot and cold-water showers, as well as a beach volleyball court and other sports facilities for those who want to play sports.
The parking lot in front of the beach is free of charge and has a capacity of 1000 spaces. Inside the beach there are restaurants, a grocery store, a newsstand, a giant slide and several other service units at the disposal of guests. The formed sandblast bed is ideal for families with small children.
Address: Csopak, Örkény promenade 1.

16 km from Hotel Historia.

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