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Hotel História - Csapatunk

About the Historia Group

It all started in 2010… We opened the four-star Hotel Historia and its Historante restaurant. In the following years, we have gained further strength: the Hotel Historia Malomkert opened its doors in the Séd Valley to welcome guests with unique rooms and a beer house. And after another two years, the Historia Hangvilla with a restaurant and café has been unveiled.

Opening three venues has been a lot of work – but we’re not tired of it. There are always new plans: most recently, we expanded the Malomkert hotel wing.

And our approach hasn’t changed a bit over the years: we’ve rescued once grand but now dilapidated buildings and transformed them to meet the demands of 21st century hospitality.

We strive to preserve the past for the guests of the future.

Every table is set with chic tablecloths and gleaming cutlery. Our kitchen smells heavenly, we cooked really delicious food. Our home brews are chilled, curling into cool pearls on the walls of their jars. In the halls we’ve arranged the chairs in orderly rows, ready for weddings, receptions, graduations! Our rooms are shining, we’ve dusted off the house and put on fresh linen. We’ve filled our pools with sky-blue water, we’ve combed the lawns of our gardens thread by thread. We dressed ourselves in fine clothes and we collected smiles by the dozens.

Come to Veszprém – for a night out, a dinner, a conference, with friends, family or colleagues… whatever you have to do in our city centre, we are ready to welcome you.

Balázs Szücs

Hotel História - Rólunk - Történetünk

A short history of 11-13 Toborzó street by Henrik Zsiga

I am the Earth, an ancient element, the solid timelessness. Like a rock, I set foot on the hill of Veszprém. In my arms a green courtyard rings, in my stomach blue water bubbles, while the castle looks up at me. I have stood here for centuries. I am the earth, I am timelessness. Visit me, be my guest, experience my past for yourself.

My history goes back to the early 19th century. I grew up from nothing. My parents were hard-working masons – they dressed me in fancy baroque clothes, they let me come out into the world. I was still a kid when my home, the soft sounding Szekfű street became the stronger sounding Toborzó street.

My first owner, I remember his little vials, was Jakab Szente, a pharmacist. When the other world came for him, I was taken over by his heirs: Kopácsy Emerencia and Maria. Then in 1864 the family ties were broken, and Antal Bohuniczky, a landowner from Pécsely occupied my rooms.

In 1890 I met my new owner Ferenc Csolnoky, the director-physician of the hospital in Veszprém – at that time I was bought by the wife of the famous doctor, Irén, as one of the heirs. A good fate has befallen me: After a few years I had a water pipe installed and a beautiful medical practice to welcome the patients.

World War II had left me with great scars, but I still provided a home for all the wounded who could no longer be accommodated in the hospital – it is a pity that my generous master could no longer live that time.

In 1942 I was taken in by the Sisters of Charity Centre, I served them with my cool classrooms. Ten years later, the state came for me, and they turned my body into rented apartments. Hard times came in, decades without taking care of me.

Then, in 2010, I was again visited by good-hearted masons, who peeled off my shabby clothes. Then they clothed me in snow-white robes, with soft beds and a fragrant kitchen inside, lawns and a well outside. But my favourite old beams were not harmed. They’re not holding anything any more, but they show their centuries-old bones up high.

Now I’m standing on the hill of Veszprém, in the middle of the city. I am waiting for you with a friendly but firm look – for I am the Earth. Come and see me, and I will be a good host for you!

We recommend:

For business travellers

For families

Hotel guests for events

Couples who wish to relax

Hotel História - Rólunk

Our four-star hotel is the only one in the centre of Veszprém in this category. It is within walking distance of the main attractions, the Zoo and the Óváros square. The windows of our building look over the castle and guests can do the same. Even though it’s downtown, our street is quiet by the evening – a good companion for relaxation. We have thought of more: to better suit your needs, we have designed different room types. The old house was a great help in our efforts: its varied interior allowed for a variety of designs.

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