H-8200 Veszprém, Toborzó Street 11-13. +36 88 577 000
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Do not go further! Packages on the hotel’s website can’t be found on better price at any other booking sites!*

Only those booking one of our packages on the hotel’s original website (www.hotelhistoria.hu) get the 2 gifts below!*


Welcome drink

All of our guests become welcome drink in our restaurant Historante.

Késői kijelentkezés

Late check out

In case your room is not booked by a new guest for the day of your check out, you may stay in the room until 1pm instead of 10am. Please let our colleagues know about your late check out at the reception when you arrive!

* In case you find a better public offer within 24 hours after booking your room at our website, we modify and confirm your offer according to the preferred price. Send an e-mail to historia@hotelhistoria.hu with the details of the preferred offer. Attach the name and address (the URL) of the website and a screenshot of the offer.
The favourable price is valid only with the same booking conditions confirmed by us. The booking conditions are as follows:

  • Valid for the same hotel
  • Date of the check in and check is the same as it was detailed in the confirmed booking
  • The number and the age of the guests remain the same
  • The number of rooms and room type is not variable
  • No difference between the amount and content of other services
Best Price Guarantee